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Lu Li LCD splicing screen distributed integrated management platform

Command center program|2022-04-13| MianLi

Command center demand:

The command center often needs to control the overall situation, and you should also achieve point-to-point fine command monitoring, which is a great test for product instantity and interaction. Due to the need for high-precision observation, the command monitoring center has high quality requirements for LCD screens.



The LCD splicing screen distributed integrated management platform is one of the currently popular command monitoring center solutions in the market. The distributed management platform of Lu Li LCD splicing screen is especially true in security, real-time, advanced, and its product quality and service experience are favored by partners.

Lu Li LCD splicing screen distributed integrated management platform is suitable for a variety of application environments, general large shopping malls, transportation command centers, community community monitoring, school bank monitoring command rooms can choose this set of solutions, the specific advantages of this program are as follows:

Applicable scene

The ritual splicing screen can achieve nodes independent work, which means that the Lido splicing screen can apply a variety of use environments. Whether global monitoring, or point-to-point command, users can make the user, accurately observe or solve work problems.

2. Better quality

Lu Li Company splicing screen products completely solved the existing pixel spacing in traditional screens, low brightness, and inconsistent color brightness, guarantee the monitoring effect, and refuse the factual deviation caused by the screen. Energy saving performanceThe long-term cost of the command monitoring center is greatly improved and the service life is reduced.

3. Service is more reliable

Lu Li LCD splicing distributed integrated management platform provides different professional splicing screen design for different customer needs, enhancing customer experience, reducing unnecessary time and human waste. Make sure that every customer can find your own solution in a ritual, each screen can solve the problem you have encountered.

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